miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

Cita noticia Supercopa de Europa: lovewomensbasketball.com

According to Juan Manuel Munoz on encancha.com, there will not be a FIBA Europe Supercup held this autumn due to lack of interest from Dynamo Kursk and ELW’s second placed team Rivas Ecopolis.
Officially FIBA Europe explains it by using the folding of Ros Casares as an excuse.
FIBA Europe SuperCup was started in 2009 mainly because of Spartak Moscow owner Shabtai von Kalmanovic who lobbied for it.
Similarly as with UEFA in football, FIBA Europe Supercup saw the champions of EuroLeague Women face the champions of EuroCup Women.
Thus far there has been too big of disparity between the team levels so none of the games have been particularly interesting. It certainly wouldn’t be a huge loss on the European women’s basketball landscape if the game wouldn’t return, as it was with the ELW All-Star game.
Spartak won the first two SuperCups while last year it went to Perfumerias Avenida.