viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Citas entrevista Natalia Hejkova: today posted the first part of an interview with now former Ros Casares head coach Natalia Hejkova who talked about her dismissal and the reasons for it. You can read the interview in Spanish here.
Most of what she says about her dismissal was made public soon after she was relieved, but these details of conditions one has to work in to coach Ros Casares seem interesting:
"I felt respected by the players, but not much from the management. Many of my decisions were changed or I was forced to do things I didn’t want to do. Stress and psychological pressures were enormous. I expected this before I arrived. I knew I wanted great results, but did not expect it to affect my daily work. I could not do what was natural for me and it affected me on a personal level, even my health.
Are you disappointed with Mrs. Lluveras or Mr. Ros?
Yes, I am. The general manager was a coach, so I expected more constructive conversations, more cooperation, more support, but only heard reviews and orders what I should do. She was the boss, coach and general manager. With the president, I almost did not have any relationship". today published the second part of their interview with Natalia Hejkova which you can read fully in Spanish here.
Again we’ll touch on just one part we find most interesting where she talks about Lauren Jackson
"Even for a top player it takes time to adapt to a new position. After two weeks, Lluveras tried to terminate her contract and added more psychological pressure to both her and me. …
Why did she not terminate the contract of Jackson?
I have no exact information about it".